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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Summer slide happens to students every year who don’t do anything over the summer to help retain the information they learned during the school year.  On average, an American student loses 2 months of their education EACH AND EVERY SUMMER, putting them far behind students who review and even spend their summers learning new concepts and […]

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How To Make a Film Canister Rocket (The Perfect Summer Project)

One of my kids’ favorite activities to explore chemistry is to make film canister rockets. The hardest thing is to get the film canisters because most of us don’t have these laying around anymore. However, you can get them from a myriad of different places such as Amazon or Science Bob. You can use them […]

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When Is The BEST Time To Start Your Child’s Education?

Right NOW! Don’t delay to even read this if your child is interested in learning something. One of my favorite philosophies about education is from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, and they say that learning starts from birth. From the moment they are born, our children are learning about the world around […]

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41% of all students who start college will drop out – will your child be one of these?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 41% of all students who started college in 2006 had graduated by 2012!  That statistic is even worse for boys, who dropped out at a rate of 44%. Girls did better with a dropout rate of just 39%. I strongly believe that higher education is a […]

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Dinosaur Town

For those of you who either tried or wanted to try Bunny Town, here’s another complicated play area.  It took a lot of time, less time than my first venture in felt play areas because now I’m getting better, but probably more than was needed as Cole kept wanting me to add ‘features’.  He still […]

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Homemade Play Sand

Last weekend, Cole wanted to make some art projects with sand.  You know – those fun-looking jars with all the colored sand that your kids can make at fairs or the beach.  While I have lots of colored pasta and rice, I don’t have any sand.  While I was looking for ideas, I came across […]


2015 Summer Camp Schedule Announced!

It’s OFFICIAL! School is almost out for summer and the weather is (slightly) warming up. You are probably starting to wonder how you will keep the kids busy this summer. You might even be wondering how you will keep them from the dreaded SUMMER SLIDE. *Summer Slide is what happens when a student FORGETS what […]

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Craft Box Must Have: The ONE Thing That Makes Games More Fun

Have you downloaded my FREE guide on making learning fun for your child?   If you have, great! I would really enjoy knowing what your child’s favorite game you play is from the guide.  If not, do it now so you can start having FUN with your child while ensuring they are getting a strong […]

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The #1 Reason NOT to Homeschool Your Children

I have been helping people decide if home schooling is right for their family for over a decade now.  There has yet to be a person who hasn’t asked, “What about socialization?”  Even if they didn’t really think that was an issue, someone close to them felt it was the number one issue.  I know […]

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5 Reasons To Homeschool NOW

You may have been thinking about going against the grain for awhile now, and have considered pulling your child out of a traditional school – regardless of whether it is a public, private, or parochial school. I bet although you have done lots of research already, you still have questions – and I would wager […]