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NEW – Jr. Brainpower & SUPER Brainpower Clubs Go Around the World

Our summer Brainpower Club was so much fun, we decided to keep the party going all year!    JR. BRAINPOWER CLUB  Jr. Brainpower Club is a fun way for students (aged 3-5) to grow a love of learning while preparing for kindergarten and making friends. Each month, we’ll zoom to another continent to explore culture, […]


2016 BRAINPOWER CLUB: Early Enrollment Ends June 1

If you procrastinate, your child will miss out on the FREE BONUS session and FREE BACKPACK…   School is finishing up. Summer is officially arriving – NOW. Are you dreading hearing the words, “I’m bored!” or – worse yet – the constant beeping and jingling sounds of electronic devices!  You might even be wondering how you […]

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“YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE” – 5 Ways To Turn This Lie Into Reality

You can be anything you want to be.   It’s a complete lie… or is it? The reality is, without a plan, your child will not become whatever they want. By the time they realize what needs to be done to achieve their biggest dreams, it is too late. That’s where you come in! Here […]


“Standardized Testing Cycle” and the 3 Things Parents Should Do to Prevent it from Hurting a Student’s Chances Later On

It’s that time of year again – the time your child and their teacher has spent all year getting ready for… Standardized Testing. According to a report by the AFT (American Federation of Teachers), many students spend over a month of each school year either preparing for the test or taking it. Below is an excerpt, […]

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Common Core Math: Rote Memorization in Disguise

If you currently have a child enrolled in public elementary or middle school, chances are you have faced the same new challenge as many others—helping your child that is struggling with Common Core math homework. Proponents of Common Core assert that the standards are intended to help students gain a better understanding of math concepts. […]

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Brand Spankin’ New Format SAT Tips

The other week I talked about the OLD format SAT, but this week I want to talk about how the SAT will be changing starting with the March date.  The big changes included now the essay section will be optional and that you will not be penalized for questions that are wrong like you were […]

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Kickin’ it OLD SCHOOL with the Old Format SAT’s

  Are you one of the tens of thousands of students who planned to take the last of the old SAT last weekend but it was rescheduled?  I’m sure you wanted it done and over with but at least now you have another month to study!  Don’t waste it!  Keep practicing those questions. Even though […]

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Shakespeare for Toddlers

I often get asked how I get my children to enjoy Shakespeare. I tell everyone to start early.  I introduce this author when my children are toddlers – and even sooner now that they have an excellent books for babies such as The Baby Lit Series by Jennifer Adams, which includes the story of Romeo and […]

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Dinosaurs and Education

  Imagine this… you are sitting there quietly in your home and all of a sudden the water in your glass starts to shake a little, and then the whole glass starts to shake… and then the entire room.You look out the window and find yourself face to face with something from 65 million years […]

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Super Easy Science Lesson

Cole and I just had some fun and my whole family learned something new. We were playing with the PBS Wild Kratts app on my Kindle yesterday and learned that red kangaroos jump an average of 30 feet per jump! That seemed like huge amount but I couldn’t really imagine it and I knew neither […]