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How BIG (sizeable, enormous, extensive) is Your Vocabulary?

Did you know that the average American uses less than 4% of the English language?  If you think that is a ridiculously insignificant amount, the SAT is being “improved” because they feel it is too difficult, so they have changed it to use more common words.  Before this adjustment, students were instructed they really should […]

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Inspired by PASTA: Science, Math, and Art

  I had some time and my little one wanted to make something different – as usual.  I looked in the cupboards and found boxes of expired pasta in the back – PERFECT! Instead of throwing them out, we used them.  We filled a pot to boil water and he asked about what does that […]

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7 Schools NOT Conforming to Standardized Tests:  Helping Students Be Successful in Life, Not Just on Tests

Be honest. How many of you have taken one of those daunting standardized “fill-in-the-bubble with a #2 pencil” tests recently? No?  Then maybe you took one in the past year?  Five years?  Ten Years?  Perhaps you filled one out when you enrolled in that gym class, or maybe when you last brought your dog to […]

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Fun, Indoor Project with Only THREE materials and EASY Clean up!

Are you stuck inside due to the weather?  Is your child driving you crazy?  Here’s a super simple project that your kids will love and is very easy to clean up (but very messy while they are doing it!) What you will need: Shaving cream – white foam.  I find the generic ones from the […]

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Have 15-30 minutes? Here’s an easy way to work on math, reading AND science with your preschooler!

Today, I found myself finished with my official work, as well as all the housework and prepping my three sons’ homeschool work for the week.  I looked at the clock and I had 45 minutes before we had to leave for baseball practice.   It seemed like a miracle! Even though we had done ‘school’ for […]

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5 Simple Ways To Bounce Back Midyear: Even If Your Child HATES School and Cries During Homework

It is August – your child is all set for the school year.  New supplies, new clothes, and, what you thought, was a new attitude.  This year was going to be FANTASTIC! September comes along and it’s going OK.  What you didn’t realize, or you put in the back of your mind, is that the […]


This Could Happen To You…

It makes me feel so great when I see students transform from HATING school to LOVING it!  I get so sad when I meet a child who has such great potential but they are so frustrated in the school where they have no choices that they become belligerent and/or disinterested.  However, I also know that […]

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Where Your Child is More than Common…

Our goal is to get children to love to learn as much as our staff does! Reading Escapades accomplishes this through customized games and unique teaching strategies that are developed for your child. That is something you will not find at big name learning centers. Your child is not just a number to us! We […]