You may have been thinking about going against the grain for awhile now, and have considered pulling
your child out of a traditional school – regardless of whether it is a public, private, or parochial school.
I bet although you have done lots of research already, you still have questions – and I would wager that
there are a TON of questions that you haven’t even thought of yet. Of course, there’s the big “S” question –
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What about SOCIALIZATION?” Then the follow up questions like, “What curriculum should I use?”; “What do I do when my kid doesn’t listen to me?”; “How will they get into college?”. I could write a book that just lists all the questions I have been asked in the last 16 years.

All of the questions you have are 100% valid! You know you need to do something different for your
child(ren), and you think home schooling may be the answer, but you just don’t have the confidence because it is something totally different, and while you may know a person or two, it still isn’t a choice that
many people make.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 3% of the children in
the United States are home schooled. However, if you think this is a road that is best for your child – put aside the questions for now and DO IT!
No one is 100% confident when they start. I personally know many home school parents whose children are now in college and none of us have been 100% confident every day. However, I have never met someone who regretted the choice, and here’s why: