It is August – your child is all set for the school year.  New supplies, new clothes, and, what you thought, was a new attitude.  This year was going to be FANTASTIC! September comes along and it’s going OK.  What you didn’t realize, or you put in the back of your mind, is that the first few weeks to months in the school year is a repeat of prior years.  So your child didn’t need to think or try hard at all to get the grades you would be happy about them earning.  End of October and the grades Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.30.52 AMare starting to fall – but you know, there is so much going on with Halloween, football, and just getting into the swing of things.  The grades your child is now coming home with are not praiseworthy but, no worry, they will bounce back.  November and parent-teacher conferences are here.  Oh no, your child’s teacher is concerned about the work that your child is handing in to them.  However, you are now aware of it and are in control.  You will have the TALK with your child.  All will be OK.  December is here and there is SO MUCH TO DO! There’s just no time to keep up with the plan to do better in school.   OK – don’t worry, the New Year is just around the corner then it is TIME TO HIT THE BOOKS!  You make your child make the resolution to do better and you make the resolution to be more focused on their education.  You both have the best of intentions but, just like almost all resolutions, there was no plan and, thus, everything went back to the way things were prior to January 1st.

It all seems lost.  You are frustrated.  Your child is embarrassed and feels bad about themselves.  They want to do better, you want to be a better parent for them – but neither of you quite knows how to make the changes that need to be made to see a difference. 

DON’T WORRY!  Once you know what to do, and get in a routine, everything can turn around and your child can be proud of work they will do for the rest of the year – AND the rest of their life.