Christine Allen
Youth Success Coach

   I love to learn anything new. Seeing the light in a child’s eyes when he or she finally understands something is really rewarding. I enjoy a  variety  of subjects for different reasons. I love reading and analyzing  because there is no right answer. On the other hand, I love math and  science because there always is a right answer. When not helping students, I enjoy reading, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming.

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Miss Ann

Learning to read wasn’t easy for me, however, I had an amazing 2nd grade teacher that finally helped me “get it”. She is my inspiration for helping children to reach their learning goals. I love to read now and it is all because someone took the time to teach me in the best way for me. It is my passion to follow in her footsteps and help children succeed. When I am not teaching, you will usually find me curled up with my puppies, Penny and Leah, or cheering my children on at their music, dance, and scouting events.


Miss Val

I love being able to work with a student and see not only their work ethic and grades progress, but their overall attitude improve. It’s a very fulfilling feeling to know I was apart of this change; that I had an impact on their lives, and little do they know they always impact mine. I currently have an Associate’s in Education, a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and am currently working towards becoming a Secondary English teacher. I love reading, watching movies, and I’m very obsessed with my cat named Batman.  My overall hope is to get more kids to enjoy reading and learning.


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