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Ancient Japan
Travel to the likes of Mt. Fuji and feudal-era Kyoto to explore Japanese culture and language, along with other topics like samurai, cherry blossoms, and the powerful forces behind tsunamis!

Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome
Step back in time and learn all about the people and empires of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Investigate famous volcanoes like Mt. Vesuvius and its impact on Pompeii, and study the similarities and differences between Greek and Roman mythology!

Traverse across the sand-covered dunes in a time-traveling trip to unearth the legacies of the pharaohs. Explore ancient Egyptian culture and mythology, and use geometry to unlock the secrets of the pyramids and the great Sphinx!

Become immersed in the Nordic culture and learn about the true history of the most famous fictional dragon-trainers of all time. Soar into Norse mythology and discover the facts about some of the world’s first and most intrepid explorers!


Study the inner workings of the human body and discover the science that makes you… YOU! 

Forensic Science
Learn what it’s like to be a detective-in-training by trailing and investing fingerprints, experimenting with dyes, and using clues to solve a mystery!

Blast off into the deepest reaches of the cosmos and take a look at some of the biggest and brightest stars the universe has to offer! Learn about the stars, planets, comets, gravity, and all that space travel has to offer!

Take a look at the weather like you’ve never seen it before. Brave the insides of tornadoes and hurricanes, and explore the geometric wonders of snow and ice!