History (Traditional)

These traditional camps dive into History!

Bring new life to fossils and travel back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world!

Wild West/Horses
Take a trip to the wild west and explore a new frontier with cowboys and horses!

America the Beautiful
Brave the African plains and learn all about lions, zebras, rhinos, and more!

Sports/Jim Thorpe
Touchdown! Homerun! Goal! Learn all about the history of some of your favorite sports and discover the life of a local sports legend!

Mythology & Monsters
Move over, Percy Jackson – it’s your turn to visit ancient Greece and Rome to learn all about legendary myths and monsters!

Princesses & Knights
Strap on your best armor or put on your most dazzling dress and spend a day at the castle with regal knights and royal princesses!

Yarr! This journey be only for those who have the courage to chart the high seas and go looking for endless amounts of buried treasure!

Discover the people and culture of some of the world’s first and toughest explorers long before they started taming dragons!