Our summer Brainpower Club was so much fun, we decided to keep the party going all year! 



Jr. Brainpower Club is a fun way for students (aged 3-5) to grow a love of learning while preparing for kindergarten and making friends. Each month, we’ll zoom to another continent to explore culture, music, art, geography and history while incorporating physical activity, math, reading and science skills. Every week is a new opportunity for students to get their “passports” stamped.

Schedule TBD          (Click the APPLICATION button to secure your spot on our waiting list once this class opens.)



Super Brainpower Club is just for homeschool students (ages 5-11)! This club will ALSO explore the world, but with higher level activities to supplement homeschool instruction in most subjects and allow students to work together in a small group, close knit environment. Students do not have to attend every session to get their passports stamped, but at least one club session per month is recommended.

Tuesdays 12:15-2:30        (Space is limited. Club sessions will be closed once full.)


Important Notes:

You may register for a 1, 3 or 10 session Club Pass. PERKS? Purchasing a 3-class pass earns your child 1 FREE session. Purchasing a 10 class pass earns your child 2 FREE sessions! (That’s 12 for the price of 10!)

If you register your child by September 1, these perks are available to you ALL YEAR LONG. 

You may purchase Club Passes at any time, but we encourage you to begin sessions in September, as sessions do build on each other. CLUB PERKS only apply to students registered by September 1. Once the sessions are filled, we’ll begin a waiting list, however additional sessions are not guaranteed. 



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