Are you one of the tens of thousands of students who planned to take the last of the old SAT last weekend but it was rescheduled?  I’m sure you wanted it done and over with but at least now you have another month to study!  Don’t waste it!  Keep practicing those questions. Even though you won’t get those exact questions, the more you practice and figure out what you got wrong and WHY, the more prepared you will be to take this test.  Use it to your advantage!  Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.48.08 PM

With my tips for the old format SAT, along with your own practice, you will be able to get the best score possible.  Remember – the SAT really just measures how well you know how to take the SAT.  View standardize testing not as a test but as a subject to learn.


  • Each question is worth the same amount of points so don’t rush through and get the easy and medium questions incorrect, just to stare blankly at the hard questions because you have no idea how to do them.


  • If you guess and are wrong, you do lose ¼ of a point, however, statistically speaking if you can eliminate ANY of the answers it is better to guess then to leave it blank. However, if you absolutely have no idea how to solve the question or what they are looking for, leave it blank.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.48.41 PM


  • Read and be familiar with all the directions in the practice SATs so you don’t have to waste time during the test.


  • All of the reading sections will start with vocabulary questions, these questions start easy and get progressively more difficult.


  • However, the reading passages have the difficulty in a random order, with the questions being based on where they are in the passage.


  • In the reading sections, if you see a section that has 2 passages, know that this part is a compare/contrast. Read both sections first, while figuring out the main opinion of each writer.  Then answer the questions, going back over the passages to verify the answers.


  • However, for all of the other passages, read the first question and read to the line that is indicated in the question (and maybe a little bit more), then answer THAT question. Then read the next question and read the passage to that point.  If you have questions about the “main topic” or other questions about the passage as a whole, circle it in your test booklet and come back to that question once you finish the entire passage.  MAKE SURE you skip the question on the answer sheet.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.48.54 PM


  • For the math sections, pay particular attention in the practice tests to which questions are easy, medium, and hard. After a few tests, you should be pretty good at picking out which test questions you can easily answer.  Similar to the vocabulary questions, each section of the test will start off easy, then have medium, and, finally, hard questions.  For the section with the fill in answers, it will go easy, medium, hard, then repeat that pattern again starting with the first question in the write-in section. Spend the time to make sure the easy and medium questions are correct.


  • USE the test booklet as scrap paper. Some people don’t want to use it for lots of reasons – but none of them are valid.  USE IT! Draw out the problems, cross off answers you know are incorrect, do all the steps you need to.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.49.12 PM


  • The best, and quickest, way to do the math problems is to figure out the answer and find the correct choice. However, sometimes that just doesn’t work. There are always questions that you need to THINK about what they are asking and eliminate all the answers that don’t make sense.  If you can eliminate a few answers, the odds are in your favor of answering the question correctly.


How do these tips help YOU? Leave a comment in the box below to get a discussion going.

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