Who We Are & What We Do!

Our goal is to get children to love to learn as much as our staff does!

Reading Escapades and Math Explorers accomplishes this through customized games and unique teaching strategies that are developed individually for your child.

Do you feel that your children’s education is important to their success in life?

If the answer is YES, then our educational coaches can help your children reach their maximum potential while they are having fun and being nurtured.

This is a service that you won’t find at big-name learning centers.  

Your child is not just a number to us!

We offer a variety of reading and math clubs, book discussions, and private tutoring for most subjects. We also offer day camps to help your child feed his or her curiosity, foster a love of learning, and succeed in life.

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Christine Allen

Youth Success Coach

While I love learning new things, I really enjoy showing students how exciting it is to gain knowledge themselves. Seeing the light in a child’s eyes when he or she finally understands something is really rewarding. I enjoy a variety of subjects for different reasons. I love reading and analyzing because there is no right answer. On the other hand, I love math and science because there always is a right answer. When not helping students, I enjoy reading, skiing, hiking, and swimming.

Speak with Christine directly about your individual educational needs:

Meet Our Team of Talented Teachers!

Joann J-square

Miss Joann

Office Manager

I am so blessed to be able to help Christine and the rest of the coaches get their students to be the best they can be.  I have been working in the education field for twenty-five years and love to see the students grow and develop.  When not at Reading Escapades & Math Explorers, I’m taking care of my two teenage children. 


Miss Val

Lead Education Coach

I love being able to work with a student and see not only their work ethic and grades progress, but their overall attitude improve. It’s a very fulfilling feeling to know I was apart of this change; that I had an impact on their lives, and little do they know they always impact mine. I currently have an Associate’s in Education, a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and am currently working towards becoming a Secondary English teacher. I love reading, watching movies, and I’m very obsessed with my cat named Batman.  My overall hope is to get more kids to enjoy reading and learning.


Miss Amielia

Managing Education Coach

I have been working in classrooms for 10 years and have been with most age groups. My passion for teaching lead me to a career in the educational field. I received my B.S. in Mid-Level Education with concentrations in English and Science. Teaching science is my favorite of the two, but I will never shake my love for reading, writing and books. When I am not working, I am usually curled up with my cat reading.


Miss Ann

Education Coach

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. My love for reading and working with beginning readers led me to choose a career in the field of education. I earned my Master's Degree in both Elementary and Special Education and have been teaching for over ten year. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and my cat along with enjoying my hobbies of photography, scrapbooking, dance, and, of course, reading.


Miss Angela

Education Coach

I have wanted to be an educator since I was in high school, I have always loved helping others to learn. I went to college for education, currently I have a degree in mathematics and chemistry and am pursuing a master’s degree in education. My favorite part of tutoring is getting to know each individual student and helping them learn in the way that suits them best. I love math, science, art, and especially reading because it combines everything I love. My favorite place to get lost is a library or a bookstore, but I do love a good movie and cuddle session with my cat.


Miss Stacia

Education Coach

I fell in love with learning in school and ultimately teaching others about my interests at a young age. My love for education has led me to ascertain a teaching certificate in agriculture and general science to share my love of farming, animals, and PA wildlife with others. I am a proud mother of two young boys and my greatest joy is helping them explore and learn about the world around them. I get the same fulfillment working with a student as they conquer a project, assignment, or a problem and gain further understanding in their education journey. In my free time I am usually outside exploring on the farm with my husband, two sons, and our dog Dodger!


Miss Maddie
Education Coach

I have always enjoyed learning, although it wasn’t always easy for me. My mom worked with me until I understood it. I have her to thank for the many hours late at night going over things. I love math because it’s always the same and reliable; history because there are so many things we can learn from other people and their decisions; grammar because there is only one was to say something properly. When I’m not working, you can find me reading, baking, watching movies and being with my family.

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Mrs. Julia
Support Staff

There have been a few key individuals in my life who have shown love, given guidance, and left a lasting impression - each of which have been teachers. The difference that they have made inspires me to do the same for my students by nurturing a love for learning, patiently guiding understanding, and individualizing, each opportunity for growth. I love getting to know each student, what interests them, how they learn, what makes them succeed, and how I can help them obtain their goals. By being a teacher, guide and friend to my students, I hope to make a difference.



Education Coach

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