Amelia Earhart Unit Study

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart

Are you a parent or teacher looking to engage your child in fun learning activities? We have all been there, we get frustrated and want to throw in the towel. What if you could breathe new life into your family’s day? Here at Reading Escapades we have been homeschooling for eighteen years and have created thematic units based on our children’s interests.  This 36 page unit include reading, math, science, creative writing, and handwriting activities. It is perfect for multi age classrooms or homeschooling families.

Included in your lesson packet:

  • Video and print instructions
  • master supply list
  • recommended book list
  • 5 focus words
  • 3 active reading games
  • 2 creative writing activity
  • several levels of writing practice
  • 1 data-driven math activity
  • 1 map creating geography activity
  • several history and biography activities
  • 3 science experiments
  • 2 crafty art projects

Check out our Amelia Earhart unit lesson in action:

Reading Activities:Writing Activity

Each thematic unit includes a set of focus words, reading games and writing activities. In our Amelia Earhart unit your child can play memory, hide and seek, and dominoes to practice the thematic focus words. These are different than your typical sight words, but rather words that will excite your child. Our focus words for this unit are: heroine, pilot, airplane, navigation, legend. Included in this packet are writing sheets that have them going over if they were Amelia Earhart and going over a travel guide that they make.

 Helicopter pilot experimentMath and Science Activities:

Since math and science go hand in hand we have these lessons together.  In this part of the unit we have lessons that flight plan data that you can analyze with your child. We go over the difference in helicopter pilot balance and airplane pilot balance.  There is a self-propelled plane that you can make as well as an air-pressure experiment.

Creative Arts Activities:

We have learned that children need to express themselves creatively. For this reason, each thematic unit includes Creative Arts activities. These activities include art, music, and dramatic play. In this part of the unit we have you making planes out of legos and paper.   These creative arts activities will keep your child entertained and learning for hours.

History and Geography Activities:historical airplanes

This is where you really learn about Amelia Earhart and all that she did for flight. We have you mapping out her planned fight route and going over other famous plans.

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