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Study Skills

How to help your student athlete be a better STUDENT

Great Athletes AND Great Students

Student Athletes If your child plays sports, they most likely have dreams of going pro or at least play in college.  I’m sure that you are hoping they get a full ride from sports to play a Division I so that they get that “Free Ride” for college.  However, did you know that only 5%…

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How to get a free college education

free college

Free College Education You hear it all over the news right now – day in and day out – about a FREE college education.  Yes, that SOUNDS terrific – no six figure or close to it debt that your child probably won’t be able to repay.  If your child goes to a state college and…

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The very BEST way to help your child study for a test

Tests, tests, and more tests For most students, tests are an everyday fact about going to school.  Personally, I don’t think that young kids should be tested at all, that education is a gift that should be given freely. Talented teachers know if their students understand the concepts or not without having a test to…

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