Dinosaurs and Education

Imagine this… you are sitting there quietly in your home and all of a sudden the water in your glass starts to shake a little, and then the whole glass starts to shake… and then the entire room. You look out the window and find yourself face to face with something from 65 million years ago… A DINOSAUR! With the release of Jurassic World dinosaurs are suddenly taking the world by storm, again! Jurassic Park first came out in 1993 and now 22 years later it’s booming with popularity all over again. Dinosaurs are already popular with kids and now they’re sky rocketing into even more popularity.

Anything is possible with dinosaurs, and we’re always discovering new and interesting facts about them. SUCH AS There are even certain places you can go and dig up real fossils. WHERE The sky truly is the limit when it comes to learning and teaching our kids about dinosaurs and if it’s something that they’re passionate about  – roll with it.

If you need a little extra push getting your children to do math homework ,why not make up math problems that involve dinosaurs? Or word flash cards with dinosaur pictures? Have them spell out dinosaurs (any spelling and comprehension problems will surely be helped out then with those names!) Jurassic World is the start of a new era in dinosaur interest and it can also be the start of a new era of teaching made fun. Just make sure to watch out for those sneaky Velociraptors!!

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