Dyscalculia- We Can Help!

We have experienced tutors who know how to help children with dyscalculia.
Students can be successful with personalized instruction to fit their needs.


What is Dyscalculia?

Confused kid suffering with dyscalculia vector illustration. Cartoon unhappy girl with difficulty in arithmetic sitting at desk in classroom, child doing homework isolated on white. Disability concept

Difficulty learning or comprehending arithmetic.
Difficulty understanding numbers, how to manipulate
numbers, performing mathematical calculations, and
learning math facts.

Signs of dyscalculia can show up as early as preschool.

Signs of Dyscalculia

Deficit in subtilizing (ability to know from a brief
glance without counting how many objects
are in a small group)

Difficulty with mental math.

Trouble analyzing time/reading analog clock

Struggle with motor sequencing that involves numbers

Counting on fingers when adding numbers.

3d render of heap of colorful numbers

How to help at home

Play with dominoes
Resist using worksheets
Use manipulative
Create visual models

How can tutoring help?

There are certain strategies and approaches that can be helpful for some kids with dyscalculia. With our educational coaches we can build a learning plan that is right for each individual child.