Dyslexia - We Can Help!

We have tutors certified in how to help your child with dyslexia. Students can be successful because intelligence is not affected due to a Dyslexic diagnosis, students with Dyslexia just need specialized instruction.

Fun with Reading
It's important to us that our students LOVE to learn! We will do anything to make this happen.

Signs of Dyslexia

Difficulty manipulating sounds in words, such as rhyming words

Poor or inconsistent spelling

Incorrect letter shapes: flipping letters, writing in all capital letters

Weak vocabulary

Weak working memory

It's important to us that our students LOVE to learn. We will do anything to make this happen.

How to help at home

Review letter names and sounds

Extra practice with this never hurt anyone!

Practice reading together

Create positive reading memories to build confidence in your child.

Break down large material into smaller parts

Projects are less overwhelming for students when they are brken down into managable pieces. Students with dyslexia are no different. Instead of reading 6 pages, start with one or two paragraphs and build up to a larger chunks.

Practice cursive

In cursive each letter has their own shape in cursive, especially the easily confusable letters like "b" and "d." This will help students practice shaping letters correctly as well as be less confusing when reading.


Dyslexic children have incredible abilities!

Big picture thinkers

Making connections

Strong narrative reasoning

Improved pattern recognition

Valuable benefits to specialized tutoring for dyslexic students

Getting better at reading can help your child's self esteem. They don't have to be worried about not being able to read something. They have a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence.

If your child's behavior issues magically appear when they are in reading class or are asked to read something independently, that might be a sign of dyslexia. No one likes to do things they are bad at. If we are there to help and give specialized instruction, those behaviors can have to chance to stop, because your child is understanding!