How to get your child into medical school, even if they are a little behind right now.

Has your child ever wanted to be a doctor?  Has that dream dissapaited because people – maybe teachers, maybe even you – have told them they do not do good enough in school?   While it will take hard work, it is not too late.  In order for them to reach their dream here are _____ things they MUST work on every day starting today!

  1. Increase their vocabulary
    They can do this first by reading, reading, and more reading.  While it doesn’t matter what they read to begin with, you will want them to work on classics eventually.  If they are already in high school, you will want them to start sooner than later on these.  I know they are already reading things for their English classes, but it is not enough.  They should also start working on learning another language as that helps with increasing their English vocabulary.  Latin is my recommendation as most of our sophisticated words are derived from this language, along with many other benefits that you can read about in THIS blog.
  2. Increase their knowledge of science topics
    The more they know the easier it is to learn new things.  Most high school science classes, even AP science classes, are a joke.  So in addition to what the state mandates them to do, get science journals – and not ones from the Science Channel – REAL journals, especially if they are in upper middle school or high school.  Take trips to the library and get interesting books out on a variety of topics.  Create an enviroment where your child will want to experiment.  Get books that have real “higher order thinking”  such as My Pals Are Here series.
  3. Master complex math problem solving skills
    You want your child to be able to compete with students who are coming from other countries who use a much better math program than we have available here in the United States.  I personally use Signapore math, which isn’t truly sold in this country.  The ones you easily find are just using the name, not the content, so be careful.  You want to have your child learn truly complex math, not the fake stuff that is called Common Core.

If your child starts now, and really applies themselves, there is no telling how far they will go!

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