Glitter Glue makes games fun!

Have you downloaded my FREE guide on making learning fun for your child?   If you have, great! I would really enjoy knowing what your child’s favorite game you play is from the guide.  If not, do it now so you can start having FUN with your child while ensuring they are getting a strong educational foundation.

Anyway, I wanted to make a quick add to the game guide – especially the instructions for the board game.  Yesterday, at the Dollar Tree, I found glitter glue sticks!  This is a win, win for me and my family because my little one loves glitter and hot glue crafts!  Both together is almost too much happiness J!  It was fabulous to make these new games with him and have him lite up with excitement not only to make them but play them afterwards.

Here are some pictures of the new board games we made.  Both of these took about 15-20 minutes each, but that was with my 3-year-old “helping” so it may take you less if you do it by yourself – but making it is half the fun!

Note:  The above game is meant to help train his eyes for reading, which is why the path goes left to right, then SLIDES down to the next row.

Here Cole is putting the stickers on his “crazy path” game and then the game itself.

Make the time today to get a game or two made and then have fun learning!

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