Grades We Serve:

Coaches at Reading Escapades and Math Explorers are prepared to work with learners of all ages. We offer Sanity Saving Sessions (SSS) to work with your home school students and virtual students during their school day. Individual sessions are also available to students after school. We are here to help learners catch up, keep up, and get ahead.

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Middle School

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High School

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Critical Reading

Essay Writing

Study Skills

Homework Help

We are offering Homework Help sessions in our office! These are designed for the convenience of the family and includes an hour of assistance from tutors anytime after school until 4:30. These are drop-in with no commitment and are offered Mon-Thurs every week (excluding holidays). We offer a family punch card as well to save money over multiple sessions

Perfect for:
-Students who struggle with homework in any subject
-Students who need to study for an upcoming test
-Parents that need to run a few errands while their student(s) completes work
-Students that need a dedicated work environment away from home distractions

Please reach out with any questions! We can assist through messages or give our office a call at (610) 826-7323.