Amelia Earhart

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This 36 page unit include reading, math, science, creative writing, and handwriting activities. It is perfect for multi age classrooms or homeschooling families.


This 36 page unit study engages students with several fun games and activities that celebrate an American pioneer – Amelia Earhart!  We have geared the Amelia Earhart unit for children ages 3-10, with modifications for all the activities so multiple age groups and abilities can use it simultaneously.  This allows parents and teachers to use this unit with multiple children at the same time.  In addition, it can be reused over the years as children grow.

Amelia Earhart unit contains:

  • Video and print instructions
  • master supply list
  • recommended book list
  • 5 focus words
  • 3 active reading games
  • 2 creative writing activity
  • several levels of writing practice
  • 1 data-driven math activity
  • 1 map creating geography activity
  • several history and biography activities
  • 3 science experiments
  • 2 crafty art projects

1 review for Amelia Earhart

  1. Sarah

    This is a great resource for homeschooling or children who are interested in history. It includes math/science, history/geography, reading/writing, and creative arts activities. All of the necessary materials are included in the unit study and it is written in an easy to understand manner. One of my favorite activities is the air-pressure experiment. It includes at home materials for an fun and engaging activity. Another bonus is that it includes an explanation of what is actually going on in the experiment. I would highly recommend this book!!

    • reme03

      Thanks for the review! We appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed the explanations – I always like telling the students what is going on, not just doing it.

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