**Special Offer** BrainPower™ Camp (1 session)


Summer 2021 UPDATE!!  Space is limited, special COVID-19 precautions in place, low adult to student ratio.

Ages 5-11

Ocean Observations 

Princess and Knight 

Rainforest Ramble

Percy Jackson 

Saharan Safari 

Digging Up Dinosaurs 

Incredible Insects 


Egypt Explorers

Pirate Party –


Our BrainPower™ camps are the perfect solution when you want your child to be engaged in learning but do not want to commit to a (or another) week long camp.  Offered just on Tuesday and Thursday morning for our younger students you get to pick and choose which themes to come to.

*Our 2 systems aren’t currently talking, so we will be reaching out personally to enroll your child in their preferred camp.




BrainPower™ Camps = summer fun while learning!

We all love summer! But what do you do to help your children keep up their skills in the summer, especially if you can’t commit to weekly session?  Try our BrainPower™ Camps!  These are designed for children ages 6-10  and revolve around a theme for the day.  You get to pick and choose which camps to come to.  We limit all camps to just 6 0students per instructor so your child gets the individualized attention they deserve.  With 18 hours of activities to choose from, our tutors pick activities that the children are excited about doing that day.  In addition, each camp has multiple activities in reading, writing, math, history, science, logic, music, and art.  There’s so much to do ~ each day is totally different!  A perfect setting to get your child to love to learn!

Summer BrainPower™ Camp themes:

Elementary Students (suggested ages 6-10), Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30-3:00 PM

June 15 Ocean Observations – Dive into learning about ocean animals and plants as well as ocean currents

June 17– Princess and Knight – Discover the daily life of a beautiful princess and a heroic knights as you learn about this adventurous time period

June 22 – Rainforest Ramble – Explore this tropical paradise and learn about this unique ecosystem

June 24- Mythology Mastery – Plunge into the excitement of Greek mythology

June 29 – Saharan Safari – Go on an adventure of learning all about this exotic wild biome

July 1 – Digging Up Dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurs, Iguanodons, Triceratops – these are the things we’ll learn today

July 13 – Incredible Insects – Observe these little legged creatures and learn about their impact and importance

July 15 – Camp-In – Learn about the beautiful nature around us and how to survive in the wilderness

July 20 – Egypt Explorers – Go back in history to these incredible builders and explore all they did

July 22 – Pirate Party – ARGHH!  Come on the high seas to learn all about pirates


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