Comma Rules and Usage Packet

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Comma rules are so important to understand since this little punctuation mark and dramatically change a sentence’s meaning.  This packet goes through all the different rules in a simple, yet complete, way that students can understand.  With many short exercises throughout the packet and extensive ones at the end, once finished, students will be able to finally understand how to use commas correctly.  An answer key is included.



Commas help the reader understand what we are trying to tell them because, when reading, it is easy to get confused when reading a complex (or even a simple) sentence. This comma usage packet will guide the student through proper comma rules.

However, many of the rules have variations or exceptions. I find it is best to learn and use the basic rules and just be aware of the exceptions when reading other people’s writings.


This 31 page packet includes:

13 pages explaining the nine most important comma rules, including several small practice exercises after each lesson

5 pages of intensive practice pages

Answer Key


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