Exploring Vegetables

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This unit study has reading, writing, and STEAM activities to explore vegetables in super fun ways. It is meant to be used for a minimum of five days incorporating different activities each day. Not all activities need to be done, but rather many activities are included for different ability levels so it can be used by either homeschooling families or inclusive classrooms. For more details about this lesson plan, visit our blog post about it!  Exploring Vegetables Blog


This 34 page unit study engages students with several fun games and activities that help make vegetables exciting!  We have geared the Exploring Vegetables unit for children ages 3-10, with modifications for all the activities so multiple age groups and abilities can use it simultaneously.  This allows parents and teachers to use this unit with multiple children at the same time.  In addition, it can be reused over the years as children grow.

Exploring Vegetables contains:

  • Video and print instructions
  • master supply list
  • recommended book list
  • 5 focus words
  • 3 active reading games including domino cards to print
  • 2 creative writing activities
  • several levels of writing practice
  • Money activities
  • 5 science experiments, including 2 easy and 2 more complicated ones
  • 2 crafty art projects
  • 1 vegetables around the world activity

For more details about this unit, please check out our blog post!

2 reviews for Exploring Vegetables

  1. Rose

    I love the fact that they have a list that tells you everything you will need to get the full experience. There were lots of ways where there was writing involved but it was in such a way that was appealing. I especially liked the dying fabric with the extracted pigments from the veggies and fruits. Over all is was an easy to follow and very exciting unit lesson to do!

    • reme03

      We’re so glad you like it! Dying fabric was one of our favorites as well. Thank you!

  2. Rose

    This is a very fun way to learn about veggies and fruits. I love the experiments in here, especially the one on extracting pigments. It’s easy and keeps the kids happy and interested. Another thing that was appealing was the way that they taught the different words and the handwriting sheets. Over all I love this!!

    • reme03

      Thanks for the review! The extracting pigments is one of my favorites as well, I’m glad you like it as well.

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