Star Wars and Space Thematic Unit

Star Wars lesson plans

Star Wars and Space

Are you a home school parent? Is it getting difficult to engage your child in their lessons? We have all been there, we get frustrated and want to throw in the towel. What if you could breathe new life into your family’s home school day? Here at Reading Escapades we have been homeschooling for eighteen years and have created thematic units based on our children’s interests.  Our star wars lesson plans are perfect for teaching multi-age children at one time. These units encompass math, reading, art, science, and social studies for children preschool through third grade.

Included in your lesson packet:

  • A Master Supply list for all of the activities in the packet.
  • Suggested Book List to accompany the activities.
  • Lesson Plans for each activity

Reading Activities:

Each thematic unit includes a set of focus words, reading games and writing activities. In our Star Wars and Space unit your child can play memory, hide and seek and a board game to practice the thematic focus words. These are different than your typical sight words, but rather words that will excite your space traveler. Our focus words for this unit are: space shuttle, space probe, planet, asteroid belt with bonus words for the Star Wars enthusiast. Our Star Wars words are: light saber, Jedi, Empire, Planet,  and X-Wing. Included in this packet are handwriting sheets for each set of focus words.

Reading and Writing Activities




Math and Science Activities

Science Activities

One of our favorite science activity is our Antacid Rocket lesson. With a little bit of water, an antacid tablet, and a film canister your child can be engages for hours. How would your student like to hold a galaxy in their hands? Well, they can’t hold a real one, but our Galaxy in a Jar model comes very close.


Creative Arts Activities

We have learned that children need to express themselves creatively. For this reason, each thematic unit includes Creative Arts activities. These activities include art, music, and dramatic play. Our Star Wars and Space unit has your child designing their own planet on a tap light that they can keep in their room.  With a little bit of paint, a tray, and a marble or two your child can make their own planets that can be hung to be a unique mobile or solar system. These are just a few of our art projects, also included are songs and finger-plays. These creative arts activities included in our star wars lesson plans will keep your child entertained and learning for hours.

Download your FREE copy of our Star Wars and Space Unit here. Want more Star Wars Themed activities? Try our book discussion packet for Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice by Jude Watson or our detailed comprehension packet also for Jedi Quest: the Way of the Apprentice. Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice by Jude Watson   

If you are looking for more information regarding the Star Wars franchise, check out their website.

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