Stuck inside? Have a fun art day with easy clean up!

Are you stuck inside due to the weather?  Is your child driving you crazy?  Here’s a super simple project that your kids will love and is very easy to clean up (but very messy while they are doing it!)

What you will need:

Shaving cream – white foam.  I find the generic ones from the dollar stores work the best

Food dye (or liquid watercolors)

Small containers – I find that using empty applesauce cups in a muffin tin work best

Very easy directions:

  1. Shake the shaving cream and put some in each cup
  2. Add 1-2 drops of food dye per cup. You can add more but I usually don’t.  Cole likes to mix colors, at which case we do add more drops
  3. Stir with your finger
  4. Paint the walls of your bathtub
  5. When done – just turn on the shower and clean it off 🙂


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