Summer Programs

Our goal is to get children to love to learn as much as our staff does!

During the summer, Reading Escapades and Math Explorers focuses on not only keeping the skills your child has learned through the school year but also prepare them so the next school year it will be easier for them.  We do this through customized games and unique teaching strategies that are developed individually for your child.

Do you feel that your children’s future success will be based on what they know and how well they communicate? 

If the answer is YES, then our educational coaches can help your children reach their maximum potential while they are having fun and being nurtured.

This is a service that you won’t find at big-name learning centers.  

Your child is not just a number to us!

We offer a variety of reading and math clubs, book discussions, and private tutoring for most subjects, as well as homework help sessions. We also offer day camps to help your child feed his or her curiosity, foster a love of learning, and succeed in life.

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Christine Allen

Youth Success Coach

I started this business 14 years ago with a passion to help children love to learn and that passion has only grown!  I was the director of a library where I saw young children love learing new things.  However, as they grew, they didn't understand what was being taught and then they believed themselves to be too stupid to learn anything.  I HATED seeing that because it just wasn't true!  These kids were SMART - they just needed to be engaged in the way that worked for them.  I now have the joy of seeing students who struggled now love learning.

Speak with Christine directly about your individual educational needs:


Super Summer Clubs!!
Students in grades K-5 3 day clubs that combine art and science!!
Themes to be announced!

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Home Activity Packets

Great Ideas for you to do with your children

If you enjoy spending time with your children and you want to make it more meaningful, check out our Home Activity Packets.  They are geared so you can use them with multiple ages, making them perfect for families or to reuse year after year.  Each packet has lots of activities that have all been tested not only by Christine's own sons but several of our clients.  Rest asured that they wouldn't let us put in anything that wasn't fun!   

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Private Sessions

Individual instruction

Our private sessions meet once or twice a week for 45 minutes depending on the intensity of tutoring needed.  We offer these sessions both online or in person. We are famous for the fun ways we teach all subjects and how we make it relevant to the student. This is really important during the summer when they "want a break". We want to make sure our students not only learn, but want to be here. 

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Get a Free Flower Lesson Plan

  • Includes Video
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