Superheroes and Education

 Everyone loves superheroes!

         Get ready! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… NO IT’S SUPERMAN!!

Superheroes are all over the place these days. You can’t walk through Wal-Mart, the mall, or even the sidewalk without seeing Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk hanging around.

 How do we use Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to help motivate and teach our little ones? Superheroes are our role models for our children, as well as for us. These heroes are larger then life to children. To the, Captain America REALLY does save the day and protects the world. Iron Man really flies around blaring AC/DC while stopping the bad guys. Use that to get them started. Encourage them to play as their favorites, and play along with them! Kids learn so much through playing and interacting with one another.

Use their love of superheroes to promote learning

  • You make up flashcards with the Superhero names on them
  • Practice letters and spelling by spelling out the Superheroes names (for example Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Daily Planet, Kryptonite, etc).
  • Make math problems with superheroes in them (this works great with word problems!)

 Never stop them from using their creative genius to pave the path to education.

Everyday heroes are important too

Even though everyone loves the big, Hollywood heroes, the real life heroes are the ones who save the day EVERY DAY.  I’m talking about the selfish people who are our police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel – just to name a few.  If your child wants to know about those special kinds of superheroes then a great way to introduce them would be taking your child to a fire station or police station.

The Earth needs its Mightiest Heroes and it needs our tiniest and smallest ones too!

Guest Blog Post by Jessica Card, former educational coach at Reading Escapades & Math Explorers

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