Will the right school supplies REALLY help your child?

As much as I LOVE supplies, they will never really help your child be the star student you want them to be no matter what Office Max says in their new commercial.  Do you know what will really help so they can make the most of this, and every other, school year?  Someone who CARES about them and can help them keep motivated when they don’t want to, someone who can help them understand concepts that are confusing, someone who can be there for their ups and downs.  It is even better when it is more than one person who really and truly cares for your child.  You, the parent, is the most important person to fill that need for them, but it is always good to get more.

Why does the putting all your focus on getting the right supplies not work?  Because they will just sit there if your child doesn’t have the skill they need to be able to use them to their most effective manner.  Don’t think that will happen?  Does your son or daughter ACTUALLY USE their “smart phone” for anything other than snap chatting and playing games?  I didn’t think so.   So you need to teach them to use the tools they have first, hopefully by example, then you can think about getting them the better tools.

Instead of focusing on the tools, why not focus on spending more time with them doing things they enjoy doing?  Can you spend the day without telling them how to do something better?  Once you get a good relationship with them, then they will be willing to listen to you more.  Then you can start really listening them and what they want in their life.  Then you can help them reach for their goals.  When they are goal driven, THEN the right supplies make sense.  So don’t waste money now!  Go out and do something fun with your child today instead.

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