Quick and easy Christmas craft project

Are your children looking for something fun to do with you but you JUST DON’T HAVE TIME!?!  I know it is crazy in my house right now with all that I like to do before the holidays.  But that doesn’t mean my toddler doesn’t want to do something creative and fun with me.  However, here’s a quick and easy craft project that took less than 20 minutes from set up to clean up – and I wasn’t even prepared to do it.   We made our own “paint” from hair gel as well as puffy paint from shaving cream.  So here are the quick steps to make your child and you happy 🙂

  1. Print out coloring pages from your favorite sites. I like DLTK and here are some outline shapes http://www.dltk-holidays.com/Xmas/color/shapes/index.htm but you can sue any one you like.  For this project, I like to use card stock because I just happen to have it and it holds up a little nicer but plain paper is fine too.
  2. Make the ‘hair gel paint” by just putting some hair gel into a cup (I use old applesauce cups), add some food coloring, and some glitter.
  3. Then we started right away with that but soon went to…
  4. Puffy “Shaving Cream Paint”. To make this paint put equal parts white shaving cream and white glue along with glitter if you want.
  5. Paint Away! When painting with the Shaving Cream Paint, if you dap the paint instead of smearing it, the paint will stay puffy when it dries.

I would suggest doing this project near a sink or in the bathroom to make cleanup even easier.

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